I feel as though I made the wrong choice saying trousers, I had to drive home in my boxers! Off to sleep now, I await tomorrows events!

All of a sudden I lost my ability to help with anythin outside standard shift work, no extra help will b given, shame wht lying to me does:)

Some really bad dancing happening in the forge to some really bad remixes! =\

Getting some food in, then off to the flat :)

muahaha i showed that virus/trojan/worm and i destroyed it into tiny wee pieces! ^_^

Mistake it was hacked by Blair, she’s like a sweedish gypsy. Sorry Rach, loveeeyouuu x

Waiting on my babe finishing work then iron man 2 ^_^ hopefully m&s aren’t bitches and let her out soon!

Work time! It’s strange being back in here because I’m not that often anymore!

This week is going to be a good week, I’ve only got two shifts in work today, and Saturday =D

You know the brilliant days that you have that are followed by awesome chats with the best people? That was my yesterday :)

Had a brilliant chat last night ^_^ everything is just awesome ^_^ I love those chats ^_^

shower time ^_^ then get ready and go see my girl =)

Quorn mince, peppers, random spices, pasta with tomato and sweet red pepper, and garlic bread ^_^ actually tasted good ^_^ omnomnom

'family' aren't meant to annoy you THIS much ALL the time. yet somehow they always manage it.

can still see lots of ink on my skin! haha =)